07 July 2009

The world’s oldest Bible goes online

From a press release at their website:
Over 25% of Codex Sinaiticus, the earliest existing Christian Bible, becomes freely accessible on 24 July 2008 at

All pages at Leipzig University Library together with the complete Book of Psalms and Gospel of Mark held at the British Library are part of the launch.

Pages made available by the British Library and the University of Leipzig as part of a larger international collaboration.

The launch of the website is the landmark first phase of an extensive online initiative to reunite the different parts of the Bible now held in four separate institutions. In a ground-breaking collaboration between the British Library, the Monastery of St Catherine (Mount Sinai, Egypt), the University Library at Leipzig (Germany) and the National Library of Russia (St Petersburg), the full text of the manuscript will be accessible in one place for everyone to research and enjoy by the end of the project in July 2009.
SOURCE: "The world’s oldest Bible goes online," Codex Sinaiticus (Retrieved 7 July 2009).

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