29 July 2009

Various Magdalens by Guido Cagnacci

Mary Magdalene (date unk.) Guido Cagnacci. Private Collection. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Penitent Mary Magdalene (c. 1659). Guido Cagnacci. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Martha Rebuking Mary for her Vanity (c. 1661). Guido Cagnacci. Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena, CA. Image courtesy of Best Price Art.

Description from the Norton Simon Museum website:
At center, a penitent Magdalene is rebuked by Martha. The confusion of clothes and jewels cast aside suggests her desertion of vanity. Behind them an angel (Virtue) chases out a devil (Vice). The handmaids at the door reiterate these contrasts. The crying woman represents "contrition"; the other, gesturing in annoyance, represents "vanity." This brilliant tableau combines lofty allegory with sensuous representation to create an inventive, but effective visual metaphor.

Maddalena svenuta (1663). Guido Cagnacci. Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Maddalena sollevata da un angelo (date unk.) Guido Cagnacci. Galleria Palatina. Palazzo Pitti. Florence. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

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