25 February 2009

Martin Luther on Mary Magdalene

In commenting on Psalm 119, Luther is speaking of love. He says, “How great is this ardor, which forces her not only to call but to cry out with the whole heart!”

Then he proceeds to use Mary Magdalene as an example. “She will easily teach you what the ardors and emotions in the words of this octonary [the eight words under consideration] are. For they can very well be adapted to her, since she also came beforehand at the dawn and with untimely haste and cried and called to her husband [Emphasis mine] much more wonderfully in spirit than in body.

But I think she alone might easily explain the Song of Songs. She contains wonderful mysteries in herself according to the story written in the Gospel concerning the resurrection. “Hear me, O Lord,” namely, by sending Christ and His grace and Gospel. This what I long for with crying.”

SOURCE: Luther’s Works, American Edition, Vol. 11, pp. 509-510. See also Jeffrey Bütz, "Martin Luther and Mary Magdalene," The Jesus Police (Retrieved 26 February 2009).

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