02 February 2009

The Life and Death of Mary Magdalene

The Internet Archive contains the following metrical setting of Mary's life dated c. 1620. Lines 31-32 are of some interest as they mention "Mary" and "Marys sonne."
Poore, silly sheapheard-swaines ! eu'n such am I : 25
(Farre bee prœsumption from an humble minde !)
I will not, (oh, I dare not,) soare too highe,
Least hee, that all enlightens, strike mee blinde :
Sooth, this is all I craue, to be refind, 29'
So to endite a laye with siluer pen,
Of Mary, and of Marys sonne : and then
Her life, his loue declare, her loue, and life agen. 32
SOURCE: Thomas Robinson, The Life and Death of Mary Magdalene: A Legendary Poem in Two Parts, ed. H. Oskar Sommer (London: Early English Text Society, 1899), p. 10

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