22 January 2009

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene

Historiated Initial D with the Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene. Nuns' Prayer Book Germany, Cologne (c. 1450). Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Philadelphia, MS Codex 141, fol. 1.
Image courtesy of Leaves of Gold Gallery.

Came across this recently. The long hair covering most of her body is reminiscent of the images of Mary of Egypt:

This small prayer book was used by nuns of the Order of Saint Mary Magdalene, probably in Cologne. Depicted with long blonde hair, Mary Magdalene reaches toward an angel in the opening initial of the book. The style of the initial—with its flat forms, ropelike hair, and disparities of scale and space—is related to Nonnenarbeit (nuns' work).
SOURCE: "Univ PA Library MS Codex 141, fol. 1," Leaves of Gold Gallery (Retrieved 23 January 2009).

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